How It Works

Our patient advocate will walk you through the pricing and kit collection process.

Step 1

You will speak with our patient advocate to discuss your case details, sign our SpeciDirective to take personal ownership of your tumor tissue, and SpeciConsent. The patient advocate can also answer any questions you have about how to use your tissue once saved and collected.

Step 2

Your SpeciKit will be mailed to your home, hotel or physician for use day of surgery. They should be stored in a refrigerator until used.

Step 3

You will bring the kit with you the day of surgery for your surgeon to use upon removing your tumor. Simple instructions will outline the process for the surgeon to collect and ship your tumor back to us. Please make sure instructions are closely followed to ensure the best results.

Step 4

You receive notification that your tumor tissue has been successfully preserved and is ready for patient and physician directed use.

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