Why Tumor Storage?

Why should you consider tumor tissue storage?

  • To arm you and your doctor with as many options as possible in your fight against cancer.
  • To take charge of your journey to long-term survival.
  • To give family, friends and loved ones peace of mind that every avenue has been explored and considered.
  • To create affordable access to leading-edge cancer treatment and technology.
  • To benefit from the quickly evolving field of personalized cancer treatment.
  • To create opportunities outside of drugs, chemo and radiation.

Why is tumor tissue important?

Storing your tumor tissue opens the door to significant opportunities for long-term survival. You may access your tumor tissue at any time for treatment, testing, and trials unlocking options otherwise not available, as it is when tumor tissue is routinely discarded.

What options can saving my tumor tissue provide?


We know that feeling as good as possible during treatment is important. Your tissue gives you the opportunity to test your body’s sensitivity to certain kinds of chemotherapy before you begin treatment. It can also help clinicians evaluate effectiveness prior to administering it to you to guide their chemo choices and save valuable time when time matters most.

Infiltrating Lymphocyte

You may use your tissue to build killer T cells. These powerful cells are able to improve your body’s ability to shrink and eliminate the tumor.


Cancer is a genetic disease that is caused by changes in the DNA that change the way cells function. By testing your unique combination of genetic changes and tumor DNA sequencing, researchers can help provide information to your physician that can aid in their treatment planning. Knowledge of your specific genetic mutation profile helps especially in identifying targeted therapies and finding precise options showing the most promise for your genetic make-up.

Access to

Participating in clinical trials can be a good way to gain access to some of the latest treatment options before they become standard of care. By having frozen tumor tissue available, the researchers may be able to test the response of your tumor with their trial before testing it on you. In addition, many clinical trials pursue participants with live tumor tissue samples to aid in their research, so by having it available you increase the options available to you.


Your tumor tissue can be used to create a vaccine that is personal to your cancer, body and immune system. The vaccine will allow your body to recognize the cancer cells so it can more effectively fight them while stimulating your immune system.


A newly emerging field in precision medicine is the use of patient-derived cancer tissue that is grown into ‘organoids’ (3D cultures of cancerous cells) in the laboratory which can be used for large scale drug screening, fundamental cancer biology research, oncogene modeling, gene discovery and chemo-sensitivity studies.