Patient Advocates

Our patient advocate is ready to talk with you and your patients about the process, costs and outcomes with SpeciCare. We understand every case is different and may require a unique approach. We look forward to discussing how we can partner together.

Talking points for your patient

Our FAQs include common questions about tissue banking, SpeciCare, and potential uses for tumor tissue that you may encounter in your discussions with your patient. Click Here

Patient Information

We believe knowledge is power, which is why we have created patient brochures for your office to help guide the conversation and answer questions so that your patient can carefully consider if tumor banking is right for them.

Educational Sessions

Learn from our experts about the evolving field of precision medicine and about our SpeciCare process and how the availability of tumor tissue opens the doors to personalized cancer care for your patients. Contact us at 1-833-242-2873 to schedule today.