Our Team

Ken Dixon, MD, FACS, Surgical Oncologist

Founder of SpeciCare

SpeciCare was founded by Dr. Ken Dixon, a community surgical oncologist with over 35 years of experience treating cancer patients. Certified by the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Dixon graduated from Emory School of Medicine, completed a residency in general surgery at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals, and a surgical oncology fellowship at MD Anderson. He currently treats patients at his community cancer practice in Gainesville, Georgia.

As a surgical oncologist practicing on the front lines of community-based care, Dr. Dixon is all too familiar, frustrated and saddened by the difficulties patients and their care teams experience when trying to access clinical trials and precision treatments for their cancers. Dr. Dixon created SpeciCare to solve this problem, which he has been dedicated to improving since 1981.

Pat deGrouchy

VP Business and Market Development

Pat deGrouchy joined SpeciCare with more than 30 years of experience in business and market development in the life sciences technology industry. deGrouchy has held several senior level positions in various life science companies that created new industry standards, including Nellcor in pulse oximetry and AG Mednet in the transfer of medical images via the internet. Additionally, he was the director in Siemens Medical’s international business development division where he worked closely with eight of the top ten life science companies and their partners internationally to streamline and drive efficiencies in clinical trials. For the last four years, he served as the Vice President for U.S. Operations and Business Development at StoreMyTumor where he was responsible for setting the organization’s organic growth strategy, multiplying revenue and helping the company become a global leader in viable cancerous tissue storage.

Christopher A. Knowles, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

With more than 25 years manufacturing operations experience, Chris Knowles holds a bachelor in Engineering in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom and an MBA from Elon University in North Carolina. His operational expertise, project management skills and process development acumen coupled with his systematic approach to problem solving, have helped spearhead the business development of the SpeciCare team. Knowles’ knowledge of lean six sigma principles remain a driving force in the company’s organizational development, efficiencies, and patient centered approach to business. A cancer survivor himself, Knowles is personally driven by working in an organization that focuses on the meaningful improvement of patient care.

Bob Martin

Senior Advisor

Bob Martin, senior advisor with SpeciCare, has 30 plus years of finance and operations experience, including serving as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Russell Athletics Corporation, a NYSE consumer products company, from 2000 to 2004. Since 2004, he has consulted for several companies, including financial advisor to a start-up drug development company for treating cancer tumors and board member for a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company providing innovative therapeutics for patients with cancer.