About Us

A Solution to Personalized Cancer Care

We know that…

  • While cancers are classified into general types, that no two cancers are actually the same.
  • Your tumor is like your fingerprint, unique for every individual.
  • When time matters most, you want options and answers.
  • Quality of life is a top priority in weighing treatment options.
  • Most cancer patients are looking for options that create years instead of months.
  • Breakthroughs for one patient can help accelerate solutions for many.

Power of Tumor Tissue

Research has found that there is great knowledge to be gained from tumor tissue, an item previously used by pathology and then thrown away as medical waste. We now know living tumor tissue may be the key to unlocking new personalized treatment options and revelations in cancer care that were not previously available. By saving and preserving tumor tissue alive, we can offer individuals a new and important validation step to eliminate ineffective therapies and to identify effective therapies more quickly. Frozen tissue may also allow the 85 percent of patients being treated in their local communities access to leading-edge solutions that transcend geographic boundaries and can be delivered locally.


Create New Options Only Possible with Live Tumor Tissue

You get one chance to save your tumor tissue, don’t let it be thrown it away. Patients want access to clinical trials and options for their care, and SpeciCare aims to bring that access directly to the patient. Through access to viable (live) tumor tissue or cells, you and your physician can explore new options and personalize a treatment plan just for you.

In an effort to improve clinical outcomes, we provide individual patients with specific pathways to:

One for Many

We believe that the way to improve the medical care of the many is to focus on the care of the individual patient. However, we firmly believe that the research for one, has the power to impact many.  So by storing your tissue with us you you not only have the power to create new options for yourself, but you have created new opportunities in research to influence to the lives of others.