Creating New Options in Cancer Care

SpeciCare provides each cancer patient with the opportunity for discovering innovative treatment options by empowering individual control of tumor tissue and healthcare information in partnership with the physician and health care team.

By storing tumor tissue in multiple formats, we are committed to enabling access to previously inaccessible innovative testing, clinical trials and cutting-edge therapies to improve patient outcomes and the quality of life. We believe the way to improve the medical care of many is to focus on the care of one.

How It Works

Our Vision

Empowering Cancer Patients

Providing Hope

Improving Outcomes

“Most of what patients want, in my experience, is simply a chance to live.”

Ken Dixon, MD, FACS, Surgical oncologist
Founder of SpeciCare
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"I strongly believe that all patients deserve to know every option available to them so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Our goal is to empower the patient and provide hope for the future."

Ken Dixon, MD, FACS
Surgical Oncologist, Founder of SpeciCare