SpeciCare saves your living tumor tissue at time of surgery or biopsy

SpeciCare saves your living tumor tissue to create new options in cancer care that can open the door to significant opportunities for long-term survival.  Emerging science has proven that some of the most important information about your cancer can be found within your tumor. Put your tumor to work for you before it is too late.  This important pre-surgical decision is yours.

Why Save your living tumor tissue?

Bank on the Benefits

We have been comfortable for years with cryopreserving for fertility and in preserving cord blood for new families. Now with SpeciCare, cancer patients have the opportunity to take advantage of the same science for their immediate personal benefit.

I decided to store my living tumor tissue so that I had options in my care. I have comfort in knowing that I have an avenue to validate my current options and decisions my clinical care team and I are making together, but also another avenue to new options should our first course of action fail.

SpeciCare patient

“Save your living tumor tissue to give yourself or your loved one a better chance. You must make this decision before the biopsy or surgery.”

Ken Dixon, MD, FACS, Cancer Surgeon
Founder of SpeciCare
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